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Day 42 – Warning Against Unbelief

Day 42 – 
Warning Against 

Lesson 10
The Warning 
Against Unbelief 
Hebrews 3:6-12
“What do you think is the greatest sin a person can commit? Is it murder, adultery, homosexuality, lying or stealing? According to the book of Hebrews, the greatest sin of man is unbelief, for all sins stem from man’s sin of unbelief. Unbelief is the worst sin, for without belief in the living God a person cannot be saved. One of the major reasons for the book of Hebrews is to challenge Christians to examine the reality of their commitment to Christ. Is it genuine or false? Is it real or superficial? The warnings in this book are designed to cause the professing Christian to look inward to see if there is true saving faith in Christ…” More Commentary by Dr. Jack L. Arnold @

Warning Against Unbelief
7So, as the Holy Spirit says: “Today, if you hear his voice, 8do not harden your hearts as you did in the rebellion, during the time of testing in the wilderness, 9where your ancestors tested and tried me, though for forty years they saw what I did. 10That is why I was angry with that generation; I said, ‘Their hearts are always going astray, and they have not known my ways.’ 11So I declared on oath in
my anger, ‘They shall never enter my rest.’ ” 12See to it, brothers and sisters, that none of you has a sinful, unbelieving heart that turns away from the living God. 13But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called “Today,” so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness. 14We have come to share in Christ, if indeed we hold our original conviction firmly to the very end. 15As has just been said: “Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts as you did in the rebellion.” 16Who were they who heard and rebelled? Were they not all those Moses led out of Egypt? 17And with whom was he angry for forty years? Was it not with those who sinned, whose bodies perished in the wilderness? 18And to whom did God swear that they would never enter his rest if not to those who disobeyed? 19So we see that they were not able to enter, because of their unbelief. Hebrews 3 NIV @   And at the Variety of Commentaries located @ Plus at the Variety of Commentaries located @
*Special AffirmationAs a Believer, I listen to the Voice of My Father God and His Holy Spirit with a soft heart and my Father God blesses me for my faith. As a Believer, My Father God blesses me daily for my acceptance of my sin and I have received the Gift of Salvation from His Holy Son: Jesus Christ. As a Believer, my Father God sees that I have a soft, and believing heart, and He has promised to reward me for my belief by allowing me to have eternal life with Him on His New Earth after the Judgment.

Warning Against Unbelief: Studies In Hebrews
By Rosemary Bardsley
Study Eight: Warnings Against Unbelief [The Warnings And Exhortations In Hebrew]
Introductory Comments:
  1. We must always understand the warnings and exhortations in the context of the purpose of the
    letter and the situation of the Hebrews to whom it was originally written.
  2. The purpose of the letter was to prevent these Christians from letting go of their Christ-centred faith and reverting to a ritual/performance focused faith. The writer pursues his purpose by exalting Jesus Christ and his sacrificial death, teaching that Christ and his sacrifice far surpass all that these believers were in danger of embracing.
  3. The situation of the original readers was that they were under pressure from two
     sides: religious pressure from Jews, to return to Jewish ritual, and physical, political persecution from the Roman government, which did not recognize this new 'atheistic' sect and was always on the lookout for some 'scapegoat' on which to blame any current problems.
  4. We must also understand that the writer does not issue his warnings because of some gross on-going moral sins in these people. They had not forsaken Jesus Christ to return to a worldly, sinful lifestyle. The sin that threatened to take them captive was the sin of unbelief, as it was in the rebellion at the borders of Canaan. It is against this sin, against this disobedience, that the writer urgently warns his readers. 
  5. As we study these warnings their message is of current relevance to us. Because our sinful human hearts invariably and automatically lean towards and embrace legalism, we also stand under constant threat of letting go of true, Christ-centred faith, and putting in its place a faith focused on our own conformity to rules, regulations, and ritual. Such a change of focus involves us in the sin of unbelief and disobedience. God has commanded us to believe in his Son. He has never commanded us to believe in ourselves. In fact he has told us that if we rely on our performance we are under a curse (Gal 3:10) and will never be acquitted in the law courts of heaven (Rom 3:10-20). It is to remind us of, and rescue us from, the threat of this curse and this condemnation that the writer pens his strong and unequivocal warnings and exhortations…More Commentary for “Warning Against Unbelief: Studies In Hebrews”  And for Galatians 3:10 @  And Also for Galatians 3:10 at the Variety of Commentaries located @ And Finally for “No One Is Righteous - Romans 3:9-20” @ And @ Plus at the Variety of Commentaries located @

 Major Focus and Background for 50 Days of Positive Affirmations

God is Spirit and His worshipers must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.
(Translated from John 4:24 NIV)
“Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.” John 4:24 NIV – Read More Commentary @

Know Your Worth!!! You are A Spiritual and Physical Being Made In God’s Image and You Matter So Live Like You Do!!! Always Remember that Jesus Christ and God Loves You…You are Created in God’s Wonderful Image and You are Wonderfully Made! “God gave us not a spirit of fearfulness; but of power and love and discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7 Read More Commentary @ 

You are a Spiritual Sojourner
Always Remember the Amazing Image Looking Back in Your Mirror Daily IS You, and that Image is Your Gift from An Incredible God: Your Creator and Your Spiritual Father and He Loves You!!! Always Remember Jesus Christ and God Loves You… You are a Winner as A Child of God and Believer so Keep the Faith and Keep Moving as You Embrace Yourself and Others with Love and Forgiveness as We All Coexist in these Physical Bodies… We are All Spiritual Sojourners that Matter!!!  *"Stop living a negative and guilt-ridden life, complaining daily about what you do not have. Instead of complaining, start to live a positive, happy, and fulfilled life praising and thanking GOD for what you have... A Tidbit from My Book: *Embrace Your Spirituality: Remove Negative Habits and Addictions: Live Free...

*Notes –Read More Spiritual Sojourner Informational Tidbits of *Embrace Your Spirituality: Remove Negative Habits and Addictions: Live Free...Book @  And More Commentary Also @

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